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April 18-21, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia.
The American Association of Suicidology will hold their 34th annual
conference, "Mind, Body & Soul: Three Dimensions of Suicide"
Saturday will be a Healing After Suicide Day for Survivors.
Contact: AAS (202) 237-2280, www.suicidology.org

May 10-12, 2001 in Washington, DC (SPAN)
"National Suicide Prevention Awareness Event"
Thursday, May 10 is a travel day and an organizing day. Friday, May 11, we go to Capitol Hill and deliver SPAN advocacy letters asking for support of Senate Resolution 84 and House Resolution 212. Survivors deliver these letters to every Senator and Congressperson on Capitol Hill. We also schedule appointments to meet our representatives to let them know how much we, as survivors, need support of these two resolutions. In short, we are asking for affordable and accessible mental health programs. If you cannot join us on that day, perhaps you will sign an advocacy letter and ask your family, friends, and co-workers to sign one as well. SPAN advocacy letters were mailed to everyone with the winter issue of the SOLES newsletter. Last year, we delivered over 70,000 letters. However, with each year, there are new elections, and we must continually educate new legislative leaders.

With regards to Saturday, May 12 events. The schedule is tenatively as follows:

10am - 6pm Quilt display
3pm Quilt parade
4pm Reading of the names
6pm Box dinner
8pm Candlelight vigil

SOLES and TOAC are currently planning group meetings on Friday and Saturday evening. If you are planning on sightseeing, start early Saturday morning and please try to be at the Ellipse by 2:30pm for the scheduled events. Remember, if you want to tour the White House, you must get tickets from your Senator. This would also be a good time to let them know why you will be in town and then invite them to attend the events. Be sure to utilize Sunday as a full day of sightseeing too.

For information on making reservations, contact Teresa Tate of SOLES at AskT8@aol.com or contact the hotel directly. (The Courtyard Marriott, 1533 Clarendon Blvd, Rosslyn, VA 1-800-228-9290) The hotel is approximately 3 blocks from the Metro subway station. The rate is $94 per night with up to 5 people in the room.

June 13-17, 2001, in Columbus, Ohio
2001 World Gathering on Bereavement
Contact: (800) 589-6332, www.wgob.org

August 30 to Sept. 2, 2001, in Alexandria, Virginia
"In Loving Memory" Conference
Contact: (703) 435-0608 or Fax: (703) 435-3111
E- mail: inlvmemory@aol.com