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Welcome to SOLES Chat.

We are Survivors Of Law Enforcement Suicides,
and we invite you to join us every
Tuesday evening from
9 PM to 11 PM EST

in our chat room for friendly discussions and support.
This special scheduled chat is for survivors of law enforcement suicide
and can be accessed by invitition only.
If you wish to be on the chat list, please email Teresa Tate for further instructions.

When a scheduled SOLES chat is not in session, the TOAC Chat Room is open 24/7, so please feel free to use it to meet with other's to discuss LEO PTSD, suicide or support issues. If you would like to reserve the room for a special chat, please email the following TOAC associates:

Teresa Tate -- for *survivor* related chats.
Teresa Tate is the Founder of SOLES, as well as the Director of Support Services for TOAC.

Cheryl Rehl-Hahn -- for other suggestions or ideas (ie Guest Speakers, Dealing with PTSD, etc)
Cheryl Rehl-Hahn is the Founder and Exec Director of TOAC.

We will do our best to accomodate your requests and will also annouce the chat event on this page as well as on the TOAC onelist Calender.

Please be warned that we will not tolerate harrassment or excessive rudeness in our chat room. If you should encounter such conduct (and there is no moderator in the room), please get their user name and email and report to us. If this is your first visit, please take a moment to read our Chat Guidelines. Thanks!

Click the button below to enter our chat room, which requires a java-enabled browser. If your browser does not support java, we highly recommend you download either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for the newest versions. Remember that java applets take a few moments to load, so please be patient. You will be asked to enter a nickname before entering the room. Try to be as unique as possible so that you are not denied access because someone else is using the name.

Click here to START CHATTING!