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You may be looking for support, counceling, prevention training or perhaps you're interested in reading books to learn more... Whatever your need may be, we hope you find something helpful on our Resource Page.

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-- This is a mail list created to learn and share ideas on the prevention of law enforcement stress, PTSD and suicide. It is also a place to offer each other support and comfort. Active-duty, retired and disabled officers are welcomed to join in the discussions. We also encourage the family and friends of deceased law enforcement professionals who have died by suicide to join for support and understanding.
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Recommended Reading
Visit our BOOK SECTION to find a selection of recommended reading from professionals in the fields of law enforcement, stess, suicide and grief.

Law Enforcement Wellness Association, Inc.
An internationally prominent faculty of professionals dedicated to the overall physical and psychological health of the nation's law enforcement personnel. The Law Enforcement Wellness Association believes that through proper training, guidance, education, and support many of our nation's law enforcement officers can be restored to lifelong health, fitness, and overall wellness. Officers who understand the importance of taking care of themselves become positive role models within their departments, their families, and their communities. Training and education is the key.

Griefing Behind the Badge
Peggy Sweeney Rainone, HUGS founder, offers training programs and workshops for emergency response and public safety professionals, their families and department chaplains. HUGS believes in a humanistic as well as a holistic approach to healing following loss and trauma. Today, HUGS continues to meet the needs of children and adults coping with an array of traumas in their life.

Int'l Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)
Assistance in locating local CISM support. Maintenance of the CISM Team Registry Coordination of CISM Teams in areas where there are no known CISM Services. Provision of immediate stress consultation to emergency services organizations. The Mercury CISM Team, is a not for profit peer support team formed to provide Crisis Intervention to Emergency Services Personnel, their support systems and other affected individuals.

Central Florida Police Stress Unit
Tom Gillen, founder, offers intensive training programs for officers in distress. Confidential, 24 hour hotline available 407-428-1800. Tom is also Executive Director for The Central Florida Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).

Peer Support Training Institute
The Peer Support Training Institute seeks to help police and other public safety personnel reduce stress and diminish the negative emotional effects of this occupation. We have trained approximately 200 police officers in the skills of police peer support. Our program exceeds the recommendations for peer support made by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Psychological Services Section

International Fellowship of Police Chaplains
The IFOC, Inc. is committed to training that is useful to the Chaplain in his effort to serve the Police community he/she serves. The area of suicidology is one facet of training that our Chaplaincy Seminars provide. If we help you prevent even one suicide we have done our job.

Gene Sanders, PhD - Police Officer, Dept Psychologist and Author
Working exclusively with law enforcement personnel and their families, Gene specializes in Critical Incident Debriefing and in Trauma diagnosis and treatment/recovery.

Victims-N-Crisis Retreat Center
Joe Fuller became a violent crime victim on October 17, 1988 while working as an undercover narcotics officer. He is the executive director and founder of the Victims-N-Crisis Center which features a toll-free hotline as well as free room and board to trauma victims.

National Center for Police Officers with PTSD
On-Line resource center and crisis hot-line for police officers, families and friends on PTSD issues. Provides treatment referrals, court case information, headlines, and informative links.

National P.O.L.I.C.E. Suicide Foundation
The mission of the National P.O.L.I.C.E. Suicide Foundation is to provide suicide awareness and prevention training programs and support services that will meet the psychological and spiritual needs of emergency workers and their families.

1000 Deaths
An out-reach effort sponsored by SOLOS (Survivors of a Loved Ones Suicide). This on-line community offers support and healing for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. Their mission is that no SOLOS need be alone in grief... a wonderful website.

Cop Shock
Researched for six years, CopShock - Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), reveals how to prevent or manage dangerous PTSD symptoms that can destroy a police officer's career and family life.

Links Page
Visit our Links Page for a listing of other websites which are helpful and informative on issues of law enforcement PTSD and Suicide.