Cops Talk
Random Thoughts

A Tribute to a Fallen Hero
Maryanne Rose (Michael's loving sister)

It's time to tread where others fear
Bulletproof and keen.
A new day begins with roll call
of things already seen.

Better keep your eye on the ball
because ahead is all the action
Behind you is the dread of death
You've seen it all before.

Lights and siren sound the alarm
Does anybody see you?

Alone, afraid, determined

Your job has been directed,
to see that our society
is served and well protected.

And when your done
the lives you saved,
the perpetrator captured.

Another night
you realize
with visions unattractive.

The nightmare's there
but you don't scare
the Badge
it will protect you
Your weapon loaded in your sight.

It will not be a restless night.

The comrade mantra
one for all and all for one
reverberated within.

And then it starts to hit you
like wind within a storm
the plan you see can only be
escape, release, and shelter.

The darkened days
unending nights
reliving all the horror.

And who will say they understand
...they've walked the shoes
you stand in?

And so you find in solitude
the answer to the question.

In death you'll march
with eyes so bright
your thoughts become

Or so you'll think
with that consent
solution to the problem.

And we will sit and stare
...With disbelief
that never will escape us.

You're on your own
...we're here alone.

But those you leave behind
will never be the same
We'll walk alone among the stone
that bears your name

We need to see
to realize that it should not be.
To bury those

We must begin each day
a new enlightened way

Bravely Protect and Serve those
who Serve and Protect us all.