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First of all, love the site. It makes me feel, as a "civilian," that I know more about what is really going on and that I can somehow be a part, or help in some way. I wrote a poem in response to some of the frustration and anger that I read about on the site. Without actually experiencing all of the same things in exactly the same ways, I do feel I understand, in part. Thanks S.A. Wood

The Tape

When anything happens, you string up this ďtape.Ē
Thereís your side and my side, and there is no ďgate.Ē

If I canít get through while you work, thatís OK.
But when youíre not working, donít send me away.

When itís all over, your tape wonít come down.
ďDo Not CrossĒ is your message. The tape, it surrounds.

Youíre cordoned off, trapped with your private grief.
Iím caught up in your pain, but canít offer relief.

Youíre tied to your silence. That is the crime.
I could help break the code, if youíd give me the time.

* * *

Allow me the freedom (itís your badge, your call)
To help when you need it. Itís good for us all.

If I donít understand everything that you mean,
I can still lend an ear, while you sort out the scene.

* * *

With your permission, Iíll cut through the tape.
Give me the chance, so we both can escape.

Donít fear that Iíll see that youíre not made of stone.
I already know, so donít go it alone.

S. A. Wood
© 2001
Email: Truthpathing@aol.com