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This may not mean much, but I want to SINCERELY, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY THANK YOU. All the the policemen & policewomen. You have saved my life from a drunk driver 16 years ago. I don't remember your names, but I think of you each time I see an officer of the law. I thank you for saving my life, for being there when I've had to call 911, for being there when no one else would help.

It takes a very very special type of person to do what you do day in & day out. Yes, I've had tickets - but no matter what, I never was angry. I always said yes, sir or no sir. You deserve the respect! and who needs to be hassled every time you make a move? You don't.

I've watched what horrible things happen daily on the news, on Cops, on AMW, etc. (my brother is now a paramedic, emt, engineer for Osceola County, FL) You never think twice about putting your life on the line for anyone. You rarely know the people you're trying to help and chances are they forget to say thank you and you probably never see them again. But please don't think that YOU don't cross our minds and that we aren't forever grateful for what you do. I KNOW I AM.

God Bless Each & Every One of You -

Very Sincerely,
Maureen Kelly Jackson