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Web sites that provide information on PTSD, suicide and stress.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you have symptoms of depression is by taking the free, confidential depression-screening test offered on this site. Also features very knowledgeable information throughout the site.

Disabled/Injured Police Officer's Foundation (DIPOF)
DIPOF hopes to ease the pain and suffering by being an established group to help these proud, dedicated, loyal officers who, so unselfishly gave of themselves to their profession, society, community, and department

Great website created by a former LAPD cop. Lots of information and articles about law enforcement related PTSD.

The Unseen Scars -- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
There's a cost of peacekeeping that can't be measured; a cost that has driven Gen. Romeo Dallaire, the U.N. commander in Rwanda, to the edge of suicide and left many others deeply scarred-- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. (Excellent coverage from Canadian Broadcast Company.)

Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Kevin Hale, disabled police officer with PTSD, shares his information, stories, poems and more on this wonderful site.

Police Stress Line
An *e-zine* (web-magazine) chock-full of articles, resources and information on law enforcement stress and related issues. Designed, created and maintained by Hal Brown.

Police Officers & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Twenty year police officer veteran forced to retire after being diagnosed with PTSD, his site offers articles from the "professionals", links, reading suggestions and more.

The Badges
The Badges Law Enforcement Discussion List (Group) is a forum in which men and women from across the globe can share their experiences, their grief and humor, ask questions or ask for help. The members of Badges come from every aspect of Law Enforcement, from Investigators to Road Patrol, from Student Officers to Administrators, from the small town Patrolman to the Secret Service. Our members represent more than 25 countries around the world. Here you will always find a friend..... your family.

1000 Deaths
The person who completes suicide dies once. Those left behind die a thousand deaths. If you are a Survivor Of a Loved One's Suicide, you may need support and resources to help you along your difficult journey...

With One Voice
With One Voice is designed to open the lines of communication and begin discussions of suicide, depression, drug abuse, child abuse, and other issues that sometimes lead individuals to the dangerous considerations of suicide. With One Voice is a powerful Musical Drama about the pain and reality of suicide. The musical stimulates a desire to take a stand and to help, and the training lays the foundation and knowledge to be able to help effectively through education and developing intervention strategies.

The Vietnam War In-Memory Memorial Plaque Project
A Memorial for the *Hidden-Casualites* of the Vietnam War

Peace Officer and First Responder Prayer Partners Int'l
*Partners With Prayer Blankets* The prayer partners' goal is to throw a PRAYER BLANKET over the courageous men and women who serve as police, deputies, state troopers,investigators, firefighters, ambulance and emergency medical, corrections officer., security, negotiators, 911 dispatchers...who answer our cry for help!

Tears Of A Cop: Resources
Visit this page for additional links to websites providing education and awareness, counceling and support.