Cops Talk
Random Thoughts

by C. Torres

Just a note, after reading the article about Salvatore Glibbery, I feel a need to relate my story. I retired 11 years ago this April on a stress medical retirement. In California that means a lifelong, non-taxable, pension at half pay. Years prior I was involved in a fatal shooting of an armed robbery suspect. Like Sal, I saw his face still wearing the nylon stocking mask, lying dead in the street. Like Sal, I worked a special assignment for some years after. I, too, was put back in Patrol and expected to perform as if I were a Rookie. I could not do it. My greatest fear was that I would "get someone injured or worse." I used a lot of sick leave, but rather than admit that the anti-depressant's I was taking were causing side effect's. I said I had the stomach flu. This resulted in forfeiting a lot of sick leave re-imbursement.

I had a financial benefit to me reversed by a psychiatrist, also, I was suicidal for a long time. Finally, my Chief championed my cause, I was granted a medical retirement, due to stress. It was a long and ugly ordeal. I hired a lawyer and sued my agency. That, along with my Chief, accomplished what Sal, poor soul, did not. I might add that I was always under additional stress, I was the first female officer hired for uniform patrol duty. This stress, mostly from my brother officers, was not responsible for my aversion to shot guns, my using it to take a life was. Thanks for listening.

C. Torres
CVPD, retired