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Excerpt from Officer Dugdale's letter submitting this poem dated June 29th 1999:
"Since I wrote this poem...
I lost a fellow police officer to suicide two weeks ago."

**Dedicated to a stranger who ended his life on 3 June 1999**

I just came upon you yesterday;
Although you were not my friend.
I am saddened by the many troubles;
That brought you to this end.

On the ground I found a body so still and cold;
Now void of all signs of your life.
Wondering if you left children behind;
Oh, how will we ever tell your wife?

So beautiful was your resting place;
One with nature, earth and air.
Perhaps you were reflecting on your problems;
Realizing they were too much to bear.

Memories flooded me as I seen your face;
For once I had a brother just like you.
This world was not meant for him either;
For he ended his young life, too.

I pray to God to save your soul;
Take you far from the gates of hell.
My God doesn't punish the sick or lame;
Believe me, I know him well.

Some will say you were a man of little courage;
That you took the easy way out.
If given the same set as your trials;
We all might consider the same route.

As the thunder and wind did harshly roar;
The storm left the sky so dark.
The rain washed away your red blood;
But in my life you left a blue mark.

Dear man may you now have peace;
And walk on streets of purest gold.
Hopefully you have reached heaven;
A vision - so beautiful I am told.

© 1999 Officer Monroe Dugdale Dug007M@aol.com