Cops Talk
Random Thoughts

by Sgt Mark A Turner

The time has now come, for this one week a year
When we all stop to think… when we all shed a tear
For all of the Heroes, whose names grace the wall
And for all of those Heroes, who still answer the call

Family and friends at the wall they will stand
With pictures, letters, and love in their hands
Left at the wall will be displays of their love
A tribute to those who now watch from above

They will think of the day their world was destroyed
A split second in time… causing such a great void
As they visit the wall, there is great pain in their heart
But strangely it's there… that the healing can start

As they stand there in awe of this memorial stone
It is then that they realize that they are not alone
So many others with stories quite the same
So many more sharing each other's pain

Let us all stop and think what this week's all about
It's for those who sacrifice for us… day in and day out
And for each name engraved by the stone cutter's knife
There are hundreds of people… touched by that life

Although it's just a week, seven days from the year
It's a lifetime of anxiety, emotions and fear
For most that will ease when the ceremony ends
But this week, lasts forever… for family and friends

Copyright 2000 Marc A. Turner