Cops Talk
Random Thoughts

by Sgt Mark A Turner

I was out for a drive on a warm summer night
When I saw in the mirror a flashing red light
Oh God help me…it's a cop with nothing better to do
He's just looking to give out a ticket or two.

This no good cop must need his quota today
If he pulls me over, there'll be hell to pay
Come on just stop me, I'll really show you
If he tries to hassle me, I'll threaten to sue!

He comes up behind me at a crazy mans pace
But instead of stopping… right by me he raced
He was going so fast I thought… I'm going to make a complaint
But when I found out why, I simply started to faint

See he wasn't racing around risking his life just for fun
He was headed to my house… my wife called 911
She called cause my boy, my two year old could not breath
If the cop got there any later… I wouldn't have my little Steve

I thanked him; I praised him, I could not hold back
My tears and my Thank-Yous, were my form of attack
But he just shook my hand and said, it's ok… he's just fine
I'm just glad I was able to get here in time

Well my two-year old, he now just turned five
He is happy go lucky and very much alive
Every night when I kiss him he says "goodnight Pop!"
I tell him I love him… and I Thank God for that Cop.

Copyright 2000 Marc A. Turner