Cops Talk
Random Thoughts

by Sgt Marc A. Turner

I am a cop but a different kind am I
I DARE to stop kids from becoming the bad guy
My work I do in a school, one class at a time
The innocence of youth if lost, would really be a crime

A big change for me this is, all different kinds of tools
There they play by a completely different set of rules
It might not be bullets or fists that fly my way
Words can be the weapons; I need be careful what I say

Young minds there are to mold and to teach right from wrong
I now have a chance to make a difference in their song
The seeds I plant today, in time will surely grow
The type of crop that they’ll become is what we just don’t know

For all that I can do, is give the seed a place to start
The rest of growing up has to come from their own heart
Not just by itself, but with help from above
With guidance from parents and a family sharing love

If things turn out the way I hope, I’ll see them all again
With smiles, waves and happy thoughts they’ll call me a true friend
I hope for their sake… they DARE to do what’s right
I know I did all I could do… and I pray for them each night.

© Marc A. Turner, Sergeant
Roxbury Twp PD NJ