Cops Talk
Random Thoughts

by Badge 3559

I was in law enforcement for over 20 years. I was appointed as a DC police officer in Feb. 1969. I would like pass on to your readers what a veteran officer (23 years)told me my first night on the street. He said "THREE THINGS WILL GET YOU IN TROUBLE ON THIS JOB, WINE, WOMEN AND PROPERTY." How true. He died of alcoholism about 6 months after he retired. I have never forgotten those words.

In Jan 1982, I began to rethink about my career choice while pulling bodies out of the Potomac River at 5:00AM. I was part of the team involved in the Air Florida crash that took many lives. This was about thge 5th time I had thought a career change was in order. Usually after a violent episode involving a police shooting, family incident or just part of an 8 hour tour of duty.

In Oct 1985 I decided to walk-away from law enforcement. With my experience gained working with youth and the proliferation of drugs I was able to return to write a half decent resume. I went back to school, was raising a daughter (cops do have martial prblems) and doing volunteer work.

I have visited the Police Memorial many times. I have many friends listed there. I am also a Vietnam Veteran and have many friends listed there.

Since I left, I have not looked back.