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FOR SURVIVORS -- Those left behind

This area of the site focuses on survivor issues -- those left behind grieving the loss of a loved one. We will be expanding on this area to offer support and kinship. Unfortunately, as many of you know... when an officer dies from suicide, sometimes the *department* withdraws from you. This may or may not be intentional, however, the end-result is the same: You feel alone and abandoned. We hope to change that. Here is the place to bond with other officers' families, who have lost their loved one to suicide. We will feature out-reach programs, on-line chats, and other related projects to encourage healing, and hopefully... a better understanding.

SOLES Chat Room
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S.O.L.E.S. -- Survivors of Law Enforcement Suicide

Pictured is a memorial banner depicting various states and law enforcement badges
inwhich death was a result of suicide. Unfortunately, this is a work-in-progress.

UPDATE -- A new quilt is being done now. The SOLES quilts will be taken to Washington, DC in May 2001 during the Suicide Survivor Conferences. For more information about SOLES newletter and banner, please email Teresa Tate, founder of SOLES.

Pictured below is the quilt displayed at the Capitol in 1998 (first photo) and in 2000 (second photo).

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-- This mail list is for survivors of a law enforcement suicide. This discussion forum is a place to share feelings with regards to grief, guilt and abandonment, children, saying goodbye, cleaning out closets, what to do with wedding rings, coping with family traditions, holidays, etc. We highly recommend this list for the newly bereaved. All survivors welcome (spouses, siblings, parents, etc.) You are not alone, please join us for support and fellowship.

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-- This is a mail list created to learn and share ideas on the prevention of law enforcement stress, PTSD and suicide. It is also a place to offer each other support and comfort. We encourage the family and friends of deceased law enforcement professionals who have died by suicide to join for support. We also welcome active-duty, retired and disabled officers to join in the discussions. Perhaps together we can come to an understanding. (Please note- Due to the nature of this list with members on *both sides*, survivors may find some topics too sensitive. For the newly bereaved, we recommend beginning your on-line support with the TOAC_SOLES mail list (prior list, above).
~~~ People helping people ~~~

Go here for the latest listings of conferences being held nationally.

S.O.L.O.S. -- Survivors of Loved One's Suicide
A non-profit group focusing on support and out-reach to all who are greiving the loss of a loved one's suicide. Excellent website with numerous on-line mail lists, chats and links. The photo memorial page is an exceptional tribute to those we've lost to suicide. Definitely worth a visit.

Please visit again...

We will be adding more programs, projects, etc. for *survivors*, as soon as we can.

And remember, just because you can't *see* the pain of greif -- it doesn't mean it hurts any less. Be gentle to yourself during the healing process. Don't be afraid to ask others for support. Seek out family members and friends to share your feelings and accept their comfort. If you feel you need professional help or counceling, we encourage you to see your doctor for assistance.